Author Topic: In love behind bars, Charles Manson, 79, and the 25-year-old woman he's going to MARRY as America's most notorious serial killer reveals he's bisexual... and STILL claims he's innocent  (Read 420 times)

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Proving that he has not lost his ability to unnerve or disgust, Charles Manson rages throughout a new interview - in which he reveals his history of bisexuality; his plans to marry a 25-year-old follower; how he heads a group of America's most notorious murderers and rapists behind bars; and, of course, that he is innocent.

The interview in Rolling Stone details how the repulsive serial killer rubs shoulders daily with men such as Phillip Garrido, who raped and held 11-year Jaycee Dugard prisoner for 18-years - Manson's infamous charismatic personality unable to resist bringing other inmates into his fold.

Held inside his 'protective housing' unit at California's Corcoran State Prison, along with 15 other high-profile inmates, Manson tells how he finds the time to dispense musical advice to serial killer Juan Corona, who was responsible for killing 25 people in 1971, and 'gets along just fine' with Mikhail Markhasev, who killed Bill Cosby's son Ennis in 1997.

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his history of bisexuality
Not so unusual for a career criminal who's spent the vast majority of his life behind bars.
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He's such a creepy guy that anyone who finds him attractive must be just as creepy.


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He's such a creepy guy that anyone who finds him attractive must be just as creepy.

He's a manipulator; that's how he ran a cult. He is very gifted at controlling people with words, and I'm sure that is exactly how we trapped that confused young woman.

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He's just blowing smoke:
how he heads a group of America's most notorious murderers and rapists behind bars
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He's a better choice for her, assuming she is a she, than say Harry Reid or John Kerry. :whistle: Plus he's younger than Hugh Hefner. :silly:
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