Author Topic: Cruz Says Democrats Blocking Measure to Independently Investigate Benghazi  (Read 364 times)

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 Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News to update Americans on the status of his recent proposed resolution, in which he is asking for an ‘independent’ investigation into the Benghazi consulate attack that killed four Americans. Cruz said that only twenty-four Senators have signed on, but hopes to get many more to support his measure, even though Senate Democrats are now blocking it.

 Cruz also reminded Fox News viewers that President Obama should want to thoroughly investigate the attack, citing that back in the 2012 Presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, where the Benghazi issue came up, the President said himself that nobody cared more about getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi than he did.

It seems as if the word ‘Benghazi’ has never again left the President’s lips. We need to find out what happened. Why we didn’t respond to the serious security problems on the ground, escalating threats of Al Qaeda terrorism?-

Sen.Ted Cruz Cruz then posed some simple questions, as to why an independent investigation is warranted. Why didn’t we send in U.S. military assets to save those Americans? Why did the Obama administration, edit the talking points and deliberately change the message, and blamed the attack on a silly internet video?

 Military officials later acknowledged that they (Obama administration) knew that his obvious attack targeting the United States was the work of Al Qaeda terrorism -

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