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Obama’s Average Approval Now Equals Nixon’s
« on: November 22, 2013, 12:09:37 PM »
by Keith Koffler

At just under 50 percent, President Obama’s average approval rating for his presidency is exactly the same as Richard Nixon’s, according to Gallup.

Obama at an East Room press conference
Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama  has seen his approval numbers plummet as the public discovers the falsehoods he used to sell Obamacare and witnesses the incompetence of the Obamacare rollout. His Gallup approval was at just 40 percent as of Thursday, while a CBS News poll this week gave him just 37 percent.

His Gallup average since Inauguration day is exactly 49 percent, the same as Nixon’s during a term that lasted from January 1969 until he resigned in August 1974.

NixonObama has not yet descended to the lows of Nixon’s final months in office, when the disgraced president was at 24 percent – Obama’s low is 38 percent – but his long record of below-50 percent approval has put him in Nixon’s overall class.

In fact, only three presidents in modern presidential history – Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter – have had average ratings below that of Obama.

Obama is just below the president he has often blamed for his problems, George W. Bush, whose average was 49.4 percent. The average for U.S. presidents since 1938 has been 54 percent.

The highest average approval rating belongs to John F. Kennedy, who was murdered 50 years ago today. His average for his nearly three years in office was 70.1 percent.

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