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Shocking testimony - Benghazi is Hillary Clinton's fault
« on: November 21, 2013, 01:50:48 PM »
Shocking Testimony - Benghazi is Hillary Clinton’s Fault

By Onan Coca   / 21 November 2013   / 179 Comments   

A shocking new piece of testimony has come out of the hearings on the Benghazi attack, and congressional Republicans are none too happy with what they’ve learned.

Georgia Representative, Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) recently gave an interview to CNN where he went over some of the information the House Intelligence Subcommittee has learned in its investigation into what went on that fateful September 11, 2011 night.


As a faithful liberal lapdog, CNN of course, leads with what may be the least important part of the interchange – Rep. Westmoreland does not think that the Obama administration orchestrated a "complete cover-up” of the Benghazi attack. This isn’t unimportant, but it’s not the “most important” thing Rep. Westmoreland said.

The most important part of the interview comes buried at the end –

Westmoreland said the committee is looking into why a directive was released on August 11 telling the personnel in Benghazi that "you are on your own."

The compound itself is not set up for protection," Westmoreland said, adding that the CIA operatives said "they couldn't believe those guys were over there as unprepared and unequipped as they were."

Why did the State Department leave the people in Benghazi to fend for themselves, even as they were told by several different personnel members that Benghazi was not defensible, and was wide open to attack? Moreover, the State Department had actionable intelligence telling them that al-Qaeda was targeting the Benghazi consulate, and that they would be launching their attack soon.

BloodCNN also quickly papers over the fact that Westmoreland clearly articulates that “everyone” (implying the White House, the State Department and the intelligence community) knew that it was a terrorist attack almost from the get go. "I don't think there was any doubt that they knew it was a coordinated attack," Westmoreland said. This means that the State Department and the White House deliberately lied to the American people about what had happened in Benghazi. Even worse, they railroaded an innocent civilian and laid the blame for the attack and the deaths that resulted from the attack at his feet. He even went to prison for his part in producing his YouTube film, “the Innocence of Muslims.”

These two implications – that the State Department purposefully left the Benghazi consulate out in the line of fire, and the fact that the administration lied to cover up what really happened -- are the most important parts of this story. Our government put American citizens in harm’s way for no good reason, and then they lied to try to keep the blood off their own hands. It’s disgusting.

Whatever the results of the Intelligence Subcommittee’s investigation, the obvious conclusion is that, at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton is to blame for the Benghazi debacle. She was in charge at the State Department, she is responsible for the denied requests of more manpower, and she is ultimately responsible for the lives lost in the attack.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton make one hell of a team. If you need to hurt America – they’re the first ones you should call.


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