Author Topic: Scott Walker: I’m not for amnesty, I’m for making legal immigration easier  (Read 268 times)

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by Allahpundit
Is there any Republican anywhere, whether running for dog catcher or president of the United States, who cops to being for “amnesty”? McCain doesn’t. Lindsey Graham doesn’t. Marco Rubio certainly doesn’t. All of them take great pains to distinguish what they consider amnesty — unconditional legalization for illegals, no questions asked — from what comprehensive immigration reform requires as part of the legalization process (learn English, back taxes, waiting period, etc). Define “amnesty” strictly enough and most liberals probably aren’t for it either. Border hawks, on the other hand, typically define “amnesty” in one of two ways. Some consider any path to citizenship — or even legal status — a form of amnesty regardless of the conditions imposed because it rewards someone who broke the law by giving them what they want, i.e. the right to reside in the United States. Other hawks (like me) focus on one key condition, namely, significant improvements to border security. Do that first, measurably, before any form of legal status is granted, and then legalization can follow. If you don’t, if legalization is independent of increased security — the fatal flaw of the Gang of Eight bill — then you’re setting yourself up to repeat this charade 25 years from now with another mass legalization of illegals who’ve entered in the interim.

Long story short, no one’s for “amnesty,” even people like McCain, Graham, and Rubio who are, by my definition, most assuredly for it. Where does Scott Walker, potential GOP nominee, stand? Hint: Not for “amnesty.”
Towards the end of the interview, Bannon noted that “Amnesty is about the sovereignty of the country.” But, he asked Walker, “the Washington Post said earlier that you’re pro-pathway to citizenship.”

“See now that’s where they take it out of context,” Walker said in response. “I’ve not said there should be amnesty in this country. I don’t believe that. I don’t support the legislation being kicked around. What I’ve said repeatedly is we need to fix the immigration system, but fix the legal system. So if people want to come in this country we should have a legal immigration system.”

Bannon then interjected: “And take care of the borders and everything we have to do first.”

Walker concurred, saying that any immigration reform efforts should “fix the front door.”

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