Author Topic: FORMER DEM SENATOR Gets “Stern Phone Call” From WH After Bashing Obama’s ‘Fix’  (Read 298 times)

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FORMER DEM SENATOR Gets “Stern Phone Call” From WH After Bashing Obama’s ‘Fix’ (Video)
Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 18, 2013, 12:34 PM

Former Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) reportedly received a “stern phone call” from the White House after he went on the air and warned Obama’s reported “fix” to Obamacare. Nelson said insurance companies risk insolvency thanks to the “fix.”

    Under the rules of law of large numbers, which is what you get with actuarial science, the more people you have in the plan, generally the better the plan is. So excluding some people from the plan creates certain issues.

    Also, the commissioners are focused on solvency. They want to make certain that this doesn’t the cost to the point that the insurers face and risk insolvency.

The White House reportedly did not appreciate this warning and reportedly gave the former senator a call later in the day.

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I do find it ironic that Ben Nelson, the man who provided the deciding vote on Obamacare, is now involved in its implementation.

These thugs in the White House specialize in intimidation.
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It is remarkable how fast and far the quality and quantity of investigative reporting has declined. And that applies to legislative asistant work, too.

Sure insurance is somewhat complicated. It involves statistics, etc.  But so does polling, which they report on.

Anyway we now live in an era of avoiding the complex, assuming somebody else will handle that. So we "trust" our government as being expert, only to learn they didn't even read the turkey before voting yes.

Now we learn that from day one, insurance companies would be "made whole" if the cost results varied too far from actuarial estimates, etc.

At taxpayer cost, contradicting Obama's promise to not increase the debt. If the GOP doesn't have issues galore for 2014, they never will.
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