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Obama Trumps ‘Bo’ as Christmas Dog in the Manger
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:41:54 PM »

Obama Trumps ‘Bo’ as Christmas Dog in the Manger
   By Judi McLeod (Bio and Archives)  Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Christmas Michelle and Barack Obama chose a black-and-white photograph of Wonder Dog ‘Bo’ cavorting in the snow on the White House lawn as the centerpiece for their official Christmas card.

As Todd Starnes of Fox News pointed out: “The 2012 card made no mention of any specific holiday, nor did it include a Bible verse noting the Birth of Christ.”

The card emailed to millions and Vanity Fair-deemed as “best ever” made Portuguese Water Dog Bo ‘Christmas Dog in the Manger’.

This year, Barack Obama trumps Bo as Christmas Dog in the Manger.

Images from, depicting two talking digital snowmen,  advise recipients that:

“the best way to spread holiday cheer
is by talking about Health Care at this time of the year.”

Oh, how romantic with BO-knows poetry is!

This is the haughty, high-handed, flipping-the-bird Christmas message to Americans left bereft of their health insurance by Barack and Michelle Obama:

“This holiday season, millions of Americans have a chance to get quality, affordable health insurance—many for the first time. If you have family members who are uninsured, you can play a big part in helping them find coverage that works for them. It might not always seem like it, but your family listens to you. So have the talk.” 

“Talk among yourselves” is the latest Obama, pre-Christmas edict that he’ll likely make law via an Executive Order over the holidays.

Obama’s Christmas Cheer message is such a downer that he could easily be America’s ‘1st Prozac President’.

Within days from now, Americans begin the annual Holiday Season with Thanksgiving.

This year, the deadly duo of Barry and Moochelle may have unwittingly put themselves in the picture of Getting Ready for the Holidays.

While wreaths are going up on the doors of homes in every state;  with the smell of pumpkin pie soon wafting from kitchens; with doorbells soon ringing to announce the arrival of family and friends, make this a Holiday Without the Ghost of the Obamas.

Publicity and attention is their oxygen.  Ordinary folk can cut the oxygen stream off:

Kick the Obamas out of your thoughts and out of your house for Christmas.

Make this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s the best you’ve ever had, and Barry and Moochelle the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Come back in January 2014 to fight the biggest political battle of your life time: the bankrupting, health-robbing invented-to-fail ‘ObamaCare’.

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