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I guess the use of coal doesn't figure into energy independence.

Obama ignores health care in radio address, focuses on energy independence

By Dave Boyer


The Washington Times

Saturday, November 16, 2013

It was a safe bet that President Obama wouldn't talk about his floundering Obamacare program in his weekly address Saturday, and he didn't.

Instead, Mr. Obama devoted his weekly broadcast to energy, which he called "one area where we've made great progress."

"After years of talk about reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we are actually poised to control our own energy future," Mr. Obama said, praising his administration's decision to spend more money on new technologies.

The president hailed the news that the U.S. in October produced more oil domestically than it imported from foreign sources for the first time since 1995.

"That's a big deal. That's a tremendous step towards American energy independence," he said.

The oil industry says the Obama administration shouldn't get the credit, noting that domestic oil and natural gas production have increased only on state and private lands. On federal land, oil production fell 6 percent and natural gas production fell 21 percent from January 2009 through 2012.

The president said the nation is also "wasting less energy" due to greater fuel economy standards, and upgrades to homes and factories. He said the developments will lead to a healthier planet.

"Between more clean energy, and less wasted energy, our emissions of dangerous carbon pollution are actually falling," Mr. Obama said. "That's good news for anyone who cares about the world we leave to our kids."

Best of all, the president said, the economy has been growing while carbon emissions are falling.

"It proves that the old argument that we can't strengthen the economy and be good stewards of our planet at the same time is a false choice," Mr. Obama said. "We can do both. And we have to do both."

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