Author Topic: Harrisburg Newspaper Apologizes For 1863 Gettysburg Address Editorial...When It Should Apologize for 2012  (Read 314 times)

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Harrisburg Newspaper Apologizes For 1863 Gettysburg Address Editorial...When It Should Apologize for 2012

By Tim Graham | November 15, 2013

The Harrisburg Patriot-News is apologizing for the wrong editorial. That’s not to say that its antique editorial slamming Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and wishing for the inevitable “veil of oblivion” to fall on it was wise. But it’s mere showmanship to apologize now for something so obvious.

No, the Patriot-News should be apologizing for its silly 2012 editorial endorsing Barack Obama for re-election. It didn’t take a century to figure out how discredited this already sounds:

He oversaw the much-needed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Although it didn’t create the number of jobs some had hoped, it gave states an infusion of money when they needed it.

He gets high marks for providing financial help to the auto industry, back at near full throttle. This was not socialism, as naysayers like to warn, but a sound investment in jobs and support of a major American business enterprise.

Although we take issue with the way the Affordable Care Act was passed — greater openness was needed during the process — and question whether the Democratic president should have focused on it while the economy was so rocky, there is no debating how necessary and promising it is for millions of Americans.

It is a major achievement....

Is ACA perfect? No. There are legitimate concerns about its impact on small businesses, for example. But we need to talk about reforms to the plan — not a repeal.
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About 80-85% of journalism needs to apologize for 2012. :0001:
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