Author Topic: A Right-Wing Media? Lefties at Daily Kos Claim GOP, Press Plotting To Destroy Obamacare  (Read 334 times)

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 A Right-Wing Media? Lefties at Daily Kos Claim GOP, Press Plotting To Destroy Obamacare

By Tom Johnson | November 16, 2013

This past Thursday, three Kossacks at the Daily Kos argued that in the public-opinion battle over Obamacare, Democrats are fighting two foes: Republicans and the media.
The Kossack "old mark" speculated about rich right-wingers bribing the media to slant their coverage against the ACA:

A lot of the "reporting" on the problems with the ACA/Obamacare sign up website has become cheerleading for the GOP/Stupid Party's efforts to kill the whole plan...
I am wondering just how much right wing money is being spread around among the MSM big shots to make this happen, and I am again astounded at the total lack of integrity in most of our "news" industry. Fabrication, total lack of investigation, not a bit of "journalism" or intelligence...but GREAT hair!
I am also wondering if there is any way to overcome this, as I believe the GOP is already trying to buy the next 2 national elections via buying the national media...but maybe I'm being a little paranoid...

"jhawklefty" suggested that the anti-Obamacare reporting resulted from the media's desire to do Republicans a solid after they'd hurt themselves in the shutdown/debt-ceiling brouhaha:

Since the end of the government shutdown, the American mainstream news outlets have been on a crusade against the Affordable Care Act and in particular I firmly believe that after seeing the damage that Republicans had done to their party over the course of the two week shutdown, our esteemed "liberal" media was determined to create a problem for Democrats and the president equal to, or greater than, the GOP shutdown. This problem was ready and waiting for our mainstream news outlets in the form of the issues with the federal health exchange... [Emphasis in the original.]

Seeing the media's hatchet job on the website has been breathtaking. I don't think I've ever seen such a pack mentality at work, and we are now seeing the fruits of the media's labor, with Obama's popularity dropping and cowardly Democratic politicians doing what they do best--caving and concern-trolling--all because of one month's problems with a website that will be fixed, will enroll people, and will ultimately be successful.

And "Heavy Mettle" wondered if the left would benefit from the media revisiting instead another of the Obama administration's bumps in the road:

This is media driven politics at its finest, allowing what is happening to 3% of the population to drive the news cycle for weeks, and weak-kneed Democrats are responding by proposing politically driven legislation that will damage the ACA. Maybe we should redirect the media's attention to Benghazi.

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They are so delusional over there. Obummer, Pelosi, and Reid did a fine job of destroying ACA on their own.

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