Author Topic: Matt Damon: 'I'd Eat My Shoe If Jeb Could Name a Bush That Ever Even Walked Into a Public School'  (Read 700 times)

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I hope he eats a smelly, sweaty, dirty sneaker! Bush is a helluva lot closer to being an average American than people like Matt, who is typical of the Hollyweird snobs!

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*****Update: Tweep @bzaz points out that George W's kids Jenna and Barbara both attended public schools - Preston Hollow Elementary in Dallas and Austin High School in Austin - and Jenna a few years after graduating college worked as a teacher's aide at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in Washington D.C.

Jenna also attended the University of Texas which is a public university.
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A little background on Laura:
As a former public school teacher and librarian, Mrs. Bush has a special place in her heart for books and libraries.
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I guess time heals all wounds, but Bush Derangement Syndrome is forever.
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It's okay with me if the left festers in BDS ... for I will forever despise The 0ne for what he has done to my country. GW left large debt and an expanded federal government, yes, but nothing like the damage Barry has done and he's not even through yet.

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Matt has "Bourne" too much responsibility for knocking conservatives. 000hehehehe
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"Joe Everyman".  Cheech and Chong used to refer to Robert Redford as "Ordinary Bob".  Damon isn't any different.  Regular fraud.
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I don't know your shoe size, but can you fit it into your ass WITH your head?  :smokin:
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