Author Topic: Krauthammer: Why Liberals Are Worried About the ObamaCare 'Train Wreck'  (Read 185 times)

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 // NOV 16 2013 // 9:40AM AS SEEN ON
On Friday, Democrats joined their Republican colleagues in the House to pass a measure that would restore health insurance policies canceled by ObamaCare. Charles Krauthammer believes the Democratic support is a sign that the party is panicked about the law.

Tonight on The Kelly File, he explained why there's a lot at stake for the left. “Obama’s an extremely ideologically ambitious president.”

Krauthammer said, “Obama sees himself as the reviver of this idea of government as the central engine of progress, […] as the central engine of society, itself. So he’s the guy who’s going to be the Robin Hood.”​

He warned that ObamaCare will collapse if it isn't fixed. “Now it’s become very obvious to all the American people that that was a fraud. And the deception was that you would be the one who would pay the freight through these hidden subsidies, through being thrown off your own insurance to these exchanges where you would be compelled to purchase the kind of insurance you don’t need.”

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