Author Topic: One Picture From Typhoon Haiyan That Isn’t Worth 1,000 Words, It’s More Priceless Than That  (Read 319 times)

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One Picture From Typhoon Haiyan That Isn’t Worth 1,000 Words, It’s More Priceless Than That
Nov. 15, 2013 10:07am Billy Hallowell

Typhoon Haiyan left both death and destruction in its path, but there’s one symbol — a giant Jesus statue — that is serving as a sign of hope after it was left unscathed during the tragic super storm.

Located in Tanauan, a coastal town in the Philippines, the giant Jesus statue remains standing amid ruins, with the Christ’s arms outstretched over town’s damaged lands.

In the wake of Haiyan, some are pointing to the statue as a sign of hope and proof that God’s hand is present despite immense tragedy in the Philippines last week, The Christian Post reported.

While not much is known about the statues origins, and only a few outlets have covered, The Examiner noted that the structure is nearly two stories tall.

An aerial shot captured by the Philippine Air Force shows a different view of the scene. In it, the Jesus statue is shown in the middle of land and buildings that appear greatly impacted by the typhoon:

CNN also reported that the Jesus statue isn’t the only religious symbol to survive a natural disaster in the Philippines of late. Two Virgin Mary statues also reportedly withstood a deadly earthquake last month in the province of Bohol.

The death toll in the Philippines has exceeded 3,600 following Haiyan as Filipinos are busy rebuilding and rebounding from what very well may be the most destructive storm ever to hit the region.
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