Author Topic: Principal Tells Hearing: Fire Teacher Who Kicked Planned Parenthood Out of His Class  (Read 488 times)

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Grumble first - I do wish Life News would get a decent editor. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, and redundancies automatically render any argument invalid as far as the left is concerned.

Students uncomfortable with assignments given in math class. Well, there's a shocker. For the life of me I can't see how trig or calculus or fractions can be given a pro-life slant. Computer science? Unless his lesson plans include "design a program to auto target abortionists" not much scope for his views going into the curriculum there either.

If a group of people came into my class unannounced, I would throw them out. Those kids, while in my class, are under my care. On a more practical note, you are stealing some of the very precious teaching time, interrupting the flow of the lesson. It takes a while for the kids to settle down again after any disruption, time that should be spent learning.
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