Author Topic: This Lie-Detecting Throat Tattoo Is Google's Creepiest Patent Yet  (Read 474 times)

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This seems like a reasonable response to the problem of making calls in noisy environments.

 The Atlantic - Google's Motorola division makes phones. People make calls on those phones. And now that mobile has eaten the world, they often reach out to business associates and loved ones in noisy situations like "large stadiums, busy streets, restaurants, and emergency situations." Which makes it harder to communicate.

 Thankfully, then, Google has patented a new possible solution to the age old problem of talking with each in loud places: "Communication can be reasonably improved" by the application of an electronic throat tattoo, which could dampen "acoustic noise."

 Sounds reasonable! Just look at the guy in the patent drawing. He's happy! Who wouldn't want a neck tattoo that provides "auxillary voice input to a mobile communication device"?

 But it's not just a noise-canceling microphone for your telephone! The tattoo can do more. It can have a display that lights up under certain conditions.   Read More
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Re: This Lie-Detecting Throat Tattoo Is Google's Creepiest Patent Yet
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