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NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing
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By Dan
November 12, 2013

I was debating whether to publish this post. After seeing this below pop up just now, I decided to go with it. There may be a part two, as well. Stay tuned.

Evidently it isn’t only groups establishment Republicans are now threatening and blacklisting. I received similar threats below last week. See below.

             The GOP group that’s blacklisted by the GOP

    Mitch McConnell has a bad habit of blaming the grassroots for the party’s losses and ignoring our role in the party’s victories.

Immediately after learning of a recent NRSC effort to attack the GOP’s grassroots base and any potential primary challenges to its incumbents, I shot off an email to them suggesting a conference call, as I suspected the tactics would backfire. I still believe that and, in fact, they already have. The opposition to McConnell in Kentucky has grown significantly precisely because of the heavy-handed tactics of what appears to be a bunch of frat boys running wild and carelessly running their mouths on behalf of the NRSC.

They seem to have a bad habit of doing that from the New York Times, to Twitter and now to bloggers in email. Big mistake.

It was only afterward that I read and came to fully understand the length to which the NRSC seems willing to go to stifle political dissent within its own party.


Upon understanding what they were up to in detail, I then wrote a much deserved scathing critique – leaving out Dayspring and an associate with whom I was to speak on Monday.

In 9 plus years of blogging, never have I seen a story this telling of a Republican Party that doesn’t understand its base, or New Media. Worse, it’s indicative of a corrupt inside the Beltway party that has abandoned, or decided to ignore nearly everything I believe in as an American and a conservative. This is a disaster for several reasons I’ll try to briefly and clearly explain my thinking below.

I ended it with an extremely rare nod to my late employer Andrew Breitbart – someone who, as anyone can tell you – I rarely invoke and never invoke merely as a means of drawing attention to myself. Frankly, I find the practice distasteful. It was at the very end of a long piece and little more than an after thought – but absolutely fitting. Andew detested people with power and or money who stifled dissent, no matter what their politics. That was my reasoning and my only reasoning in invoking his name. Certainly it wasn’t used to promote the item. I’d have used it in a headline somehow were that my intention.

Any idiot would know that, except one working at the NRSC, apparently

I could end this with Game on. But somehow having worked for the late Andrew Brietbart, it seems just a bit more fitting to end it with: #WAR!

In any event, here’s a sample of what I soon began receiving in my inbox from the alleged New Media and Communications professionals at the NRSC. In fact, they must have been in full frat boy meltdown mode as a review of the record demonstrates they fired off ten emails to me in the space of thirty minutes. They were coming in so fast, the next one was hitting my inbox before I could respond to the last one. These quotes are from five different emails from two individuals, including NRSC comms director Dayspring, within about 20 minutes time. It left me wondering if there are any adults in that building at all.

… you’re trying to bring Andrew into this? #war? Shame on you Dan. This isn’t about getting hits for your post. This is about winning elections and stopping the liberal agenda. You know this.

    So, were you lying yesterday or are you just being a showman today?

    I recall your email to me yesterday LAUGHING about the NYT article. Perhaps I’ll post all of your emails to us on our blog tomorrow. You might want to go back and read them to get your story straight.

    Dan, you invoked Andrew in order to get more hits on your post.

    Do you even care about winning?

    I’m not threatening. You did a complete 180 in your private emails to me and your post. It’s only fair that your readers see you playing it both ways, right?

    Why shouldn’t I post them? You emailed me saying what a friend you are, and then you go blast away. It’s utter hypocrisy. Only fair for people to see you speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

    It would be an interesting post:

So, since when is it okay for an alleged professional comms director to threaten to post what were presumed to be confidential emails over a disagreement? And what moron would think it wise to threaten me of all bloggers, given that I’ve never backed down from anyone out here in over nine years?

I’ve asked for an acknowledgement that the threat from Dayspring was a mistake, as well as rescinded –  and I believe I most certainly deserve an apology for the suggestion that I was exploiting my late boss for site traffic. To date, I’ve received neither. Instead, it was suggested to me that perhaps I should, in effect, be blacklisted by all of the Beltway-based GOP orgs.

I can only assume the frat boys at the NRSC have been too busy since, no doubt planning their next keg party.

The more substantive take away from all this is that thanks to the loud mouths and false bravado of some obviously inexperienced and relatively unaccomplished operators at the NRSC, there’s now more animosity than ever towards Mitch McConnell across the base – including in Kentucky. That’s precisely what I anticipated happening when I saw the tack they were taking and I wanted to share that opinion. Unfortunately, as one might expect from today’s class of Beltway flunkies, the only opinions they’re interested in is theirs.

It’s little wonder the base is so increasingly restive and feeling that it’s time to replace long-in-the-tooth pols like a McConnell who’s been in Washington now for thirty years.
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