Author Topic: Obama's Hometown Chicago Tribune Wonders If He Lied About Obamacare -- So Why'd They Endorse Him Twice?  (Read 478 times)

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Bolstered by his steadiness in office, cognizant of the vast unfinished business before him, we endorse the re-election of Barack Obama.

His steadiness wasn't in office, but on the golf course and other recreational activities. His unfinished business was not his, but Valerie Jarrett's, that gave him an excuse to play and stay out of the way. They endorsed Barack Obama because he was a black democrat, and didn't so much as expect the best, but hoped for the best. As their luck would have it, they are now seeing the real man, which isn't as wonderful as they anticipated. We, and especially our young people, are paying the price, and Obama's administration could care less. The end justifies the means, and the means is ugly.

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Understand that to the far left, any lie Obama is "forced" to tell is in the long run for the greater good, and completely beyond reproach.  To his base, Obama cannot lie enough to force so-called "single payer" onto the American people, and we are witnessing the incredible destruction of the private insurance business in this Country.  The damage being done right now is so serious it will be incredibly difficult to correct the longer it is allowed to continue.

Right now we have 5 million new cancellations and less than 50,000 (the real number is still debatable) signups for Obamacare.  Until we stop ignoring this rolling wreck the damage will continue to snowball.  By the end of open enrollment at the end of March we could have 20, million or more Americans who are freshly cancelled with absolutely no affordable alternatives for their healthcare.  The impact of that is going to be staggering.

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