Author Topic: President Obama on Thursday will deliver an address in Cleveland focused on the economy.  (Read 403 times)

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Now here is a guy trying to shut down the coal industry because it causes too much pollution yet will give a speech at a steel mill touting industry?
There isn't much in the way of industry that causes more pollution than a steel mill.  Politician speaks with many forks in his tongue. :Obounce:

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November 10, 2013, 04:57 pm
Obama to tout manufacturing in Ohio

By Alexandra Jaffe

President Obama on Thursday will deliver an address in Cleveland focused on the economy.

According to The Plain Dealer, Obama will speak on the "strength of American manufacturing" at the ArcelorMittal steel mill.

That steel mill reported a better-than-expected financial outlook this past year, according to The New York Times, making it a bright spot in an industry that saw declining demand due in part to the global economic slowdown.

Thursday's address marks Obama's first visit to the hotly-contested presidential swing state since he won reelection last November.
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