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[repost from an earlier thread along the same theme]
That was a big part of the Obamacare scam. Obama and his people, including of course most of the American media outlets, were deliberately and intentionally conflating the term 'uninsured' as meaning having no access to treatment.
They neglected to point out that many of the so called 'uninsured Americans' were in fact uninsured illegals, or they were uninsured voluntarily. Many of these people still received all the medical treatment they wanted or needed at free clinics or in the emergency room.
Obama and his worshippers cannot bring themselves to believe that there are millions of people who simply do not want and do not need insurance. They're doing just fine on their own.
If they gave the real numbers of people who wanted insurance but could not get it this number would be a minuscule percentage of the population. Even if you take the administration's inflated number of 30 million uninsured, this is only 10% of the population, at face value. When you subtract the inherent exaggeration of statistics meant for political effect, the illegals, the homeless who do not want insurance for fear of being 'on the grid', the young and healthy who simply do not need insurance, then you wind up with somewhere around 5% or so, maybe less, maybe a little more.
So, Obama, in his grandiose 'wisdom' [chuckle], decided to wreck the whole system across the entire nation to take care of a few outliers, instead of coming up with a program to take care of just them. Great. Good idea dumbass. How many people could have been cured with the half a billion dollars he spent just on the website alone! And it doesn't even work.
Keep in mind that even the Unions, and Muslims, and Government workers, and all the other groups Obama exempted by royal fiat, are still going to face a clogged health care system, a shortage of doctors and health care workers, and all the other nightmares Obamacare is going to usher in. Even the 'exempted' are not exempt from the repercussions of what they have done.
So what has Obama wrecked since coming to office? Well, NASA is all but shut down with a new mission of 'Muslim outreach' as the primary goal. The military is being reduced and overhauled. The economy is a wreck with tens of trillions of dollars we will never pay back. Small businesses are closing faster than ever before due to government interference. Unemployment is much, much, higher than that ridiculous 7% the media keeps reporting, and everyone is moving to temporary workers or part time staff. And now, to top it all off, our health care system, which has always been the envy of the world, now lies in shambles. All but destroyed by Obama.
Next, Obama will move on to our homes and our cars. It is just about all he has left to destroy. I am expecting any day, week, or month now, to get a letter stating that my home is now 'illegal' because of some new regulation and I will have to pay a fine (or as they call it in Chicago, protection money) until it is approved and deemed 'legal' by Obama. Then they will tell me my car is too old, or too this or that, or doesn't have enough of this or that, then my car will be ordered 'illegal'. But, not to worry, no big deal, as long as you pay the 'fine' you can get out of it.
Fundementally transform America? Yeah, I'd say so. Unfortunately, Obama's vision of transformation means making us more like Venezuela or Cuba, and he is doing a good job of that. The Liberals are finally getting everything they always thought they want, hehehe, it is so much fun, it is hilarious to watch them scream and squirm neck deep in this mess they helped to create.
You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.

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