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Obama regime approval plummets
« on: November 10, 2013, 02:28:09 PM »
Some happy news for your Sunday. Too bad the guy has already been reelected and his plunging approval ratings don't really affect him personally, but they do weaken him and pave the way for 2014.

The American public seems to be having a massive case of buyer's remorse as it pertains to the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama last year. The Pew Research Center For The People And The Press released some fascinating polling data earlier this week. Some of the findings:

- Obama's job approval stands at just 41%, down from 55% shortly after he defeated Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

- His disapproval number is now 53%. In other words, a majority of the country does not approve of the way in which the Obama regime is governing the nation.

- Fewer than one-in-three Americans adults - just 31% - approve of the Obama regime's handling of the economy. 65% disapprove. Three-quarters of independent voters disapprove of Obama's socialist economic policies. Even some Democrat voters are waking up, with more than a third disapproving.

- The debacle that is Obamacare has destroyed the president's ratings on health care policy. He's gone from a mixed 45% approve/47% disapprove rating in January of this year to a horrid 37% approve/59% disapprove rating. (Apparently spending almost 100 million dollars to build a website that doesn't work after three years will tend to damage your credibility.)

- Best news in the poll: 60% disapprove of the lawless Obama regime's immigration policies, meaning that the Democrat-controlled Senate's amnesty plan is likely dead in the House. Even 42% of Democrats dislike the way Obama wants to reward criminal foreigners with citizenship, jobs, welfare, and the vote.

- 53% of independents approved of Obama last December, while just 32% do today. Independent voters are notoriously fickle; it really is a shame that so many were duped by the lies of the Obama campaign and the establishment media last year.
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Re: Obama regime approval plummets
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2013, 05:50:19 PM »
If you go back and look at November 2012 his job approval went up when Christie bear-hugged him.  I have never understood why it went back up after he was re-elected and stayed up as long as it has, but his approval (actually unapproval) is starting to track Nixon. Nixon stayed higher than it should for almost a year after the report of Watergate first broke, but once he started to drop he kept dropping and never was able to recover.

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