Author Topic: Veterans Day 2013: 50 free meals at restaurants and freebies nationwide  (Read 299 times)

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Note to Repub, Myst and the mods - I popped this in news for wider distribution.

Via the Examiner:

Veterans Day 2013 free meals and free events are offered to veterans and active duty service members. On Monday, Nov. 11, a veteran can actually have a free breakfast, lunch and dinner while heading out for some free events in between meals! Then they can top the day off with the many offerings of free food for snacks, according to The Parade Magazine on Nov. 8.

The nation is finding all sorts of ways to thank the veterans and the active military today as their service to the country is so appreciated. Military Benefits website offered up some of the freebies below, as this year seems to have many more companies joining in to thank the veterans. If you don't own a restaurant or store, there are plenty of ways to thank the veterans of out country. When you see someone in a military uniform, just a simple thank you may light up their day. Send a card to one of the many veteran hospitals nationwide thanking the veterans who are in the hospital for their service.

All free offers for Veterans Day 2013 are for veterans and active military. Proof of service or military ID required for freebies:

Full list at link.

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