Author Topic: Obama courting CEOs on immigration widens conservative split, raises issue of corporate motives  (Read 350 times)

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Colorado should consider taking a leaf out of France and Switzerland's book regarding seasonal workers.

Hire Au pairs. One or two people to a chalet. You keep the place clean, do the cooking and marketing for your guests (never more than 8) and know enough about the local area to give them advice on where to go and what to see on none skiing days. In return, you get your flights, a generous allowance, free food and lodging and an unlimited pass to the ski slopes.

Sister did that for 4 winter breaks. Loved every second of it. She'd get up at 5 AM, prep breakfast and put it out, then hit the market. Back, quick tidy up (most skiers are already fairly tidy for some reason) wash dishes and clean the bathrooms. Make the beds if they were not made (easy in Switzerland, they use duvets, not sheets and blankets and put out the laundry for collection. Then she'd hit the slopes and ski for hours.
Back at 4, make dinner, which was a matter of cooking what she'd already prepared, and go to bed.
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