Author Topic: Students face expulsion from school for pulling gun on home intruder  (Read 467 times)

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Two Gonzaga University seniors are on the verge of being expelled after using a gun to defend themselves from a career criminal trying to break into their apartment.

Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh, who both live in an off-campus near the school’s Spokane, OR., campus, were accosted last month by a man demanding money while standing in the door of their apartment.

Mr Fagan offered food and a blanket, but declined to give ex-con John Taylor any money, he told KHQ. Mr Taylor then tried to fight his way into the apartment but was scared off by Mr McIntosh’s hand gun

Explaining that he only opened the door because he thought it was a friend who had left only a few minutes prior, Mr Fagan told the station ‘[Mr Taylor] just asked me for money.’

‘He just said I’m homeless, I’m looking for some money, can you help me out,’ Mr Fagan recalled.

Angered by not getting any money, Mr Taylor then tried pushing his way inside while telling the roommates he was just out of prison, but Mr McIntosh had other plans.

He didn’t stick around to see if I was serious or not,’ said Mr McIntosh, ‘I was completely serious with that man.

‘I drew on Mr Taylor and Mr Taylor fled immediately,’ he further recalled to the station.

Though the gun may have saved both men’s lives, it may have ended their academic careers at Gonzaga.

‘The university’s weapons policy forbids the possession of weapons… in both on-campus and off-campus housing,’ a spokesperson told the station.

Mr Taylor had six prior convictions on his criminal record, and was arrested later that night on an unrelated charge, according to the station.

But that did not stop Gonzaga’s board from going forward Friday with the process necessary to expel the two students from the school.

Despite a likely expulsion being handed down as soon as this week, Mr McIntosh told the station he would do it again without hesitation.

‘My roommate’s life, my life, anybody’s life is worth an expulsion in my book,’ he said.

When asked by the station how students are expected to defend themselves in the face of such a restriction, the school claimed campus security ‘is all over campus

Security is "all over campus." Yeah, right. Gonzaga is well known as a basketball powerhouse and is putatively a Jesuit run institute. If only these two had allowed this felon to break in and beat the stuffing out of both of them, perhaps killed them, then they wouldn't be in this trouble.

Note also the report if from a British newspaper, not American.
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Re: Students face expulsion from school for pulling gun on home intruder
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2013, 11:12:22 PM »
They should be grateful they'll no longer be affiliated with a school that would prefer to see them dead.

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Re: Students face expulsion from school for pulling gun on home intruder
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2013, 01:55:18 AM »
Having a very hard time processing this.

Firstly - if they are living off campus, what business is it of the University if they have a personal weapon? On campus can be argued, but off?

Secondly - Is the administration really this foolish? A student protects both himself and others and gets punished?

Thirdly - If they do get expelled, they had better be done so with both a clean record and the ability to transfer their credits to another institution. Also - a full refund of their tuition fees.

Look - I get the general idea that weapons in the hands of the young is a bad idea. Yet I have known 8 year olds I would trust with any weapon they could physically handle, and 50 year olds I wouldn't trust with a pen knife.
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Re: Students face expulsion from school for pulling gun on home intruder
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2013, 07:57:46 AM »
Now for a more uplifting story that you won't see in the news. This was posted yesterday to a  pro-Second Amendment Facebook group of which I am a member.
Kroger parking lot (here the poster names the town), my husband B____ was mugged at knife point. Asked the kid if he wanted wallet or money, kid said wallet, so B____ reached and pulled his gun. Needless to say, kid ended up dropping the knife, got in his car and left. BOLO for a dark skinned young man in a souped up green Chrysler with a bad paint job and chrome wheels.
He kept the knife and gave it to the police to check for fingerprints.   :beer:
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