Author Topic: Obama’s cousin, who is also a doctor, puts Obamacare on blast: “Not a word of it is true…”  (Read 277 times)

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 by: Joshua Riddle 

So it turns out there are some brains in the Obama family tree after all. #GoFigure

President Obama’s conservative, tea party-loving cousin also happens to be a radiologist who called out the president for his “lies” to the American people.

The personable Dr. Milton Wolf, candidate for U.S. Senate in Kansas, joined Sean Hannity’s “Doctor Summit” Friday evening saying that while one can’t choose their family, one can “rise up and stop family from destroying America.”

Wolf said Obama’s promise that people can keep their doctors and healthcare plans if they liked them “was a lie” that started “one week before Obamacare was voted on.”

He lashed out at Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for “hiding” from Congress the report she had that “showed 14 million Americans would lose their health insurance from Obamacare,” a move, he said, “ensured Obamacare would pass.”

Wolf said his patients are worried at rising insurance rates and about losing their health coverage.

“We talk about access to healthcare,” he told Hannity. “Well, the surest way to keep a patient away from a doctor is to make things too expensive. And that’s exactly what Obamacare does.”

“They call it the Affordable Care Act? But not a word of that is true. It’s not affordable and it does not provide care.”

Video at link:

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He wrote an op-ed two years ago:
When Barack Obama and I first met he had already become president and was furiously erecting the government-controlled health care system that bears his name and I had already begun a very public crusade to save America from it. Fate would never reunite our mothers who grew up together as young girls, cousins and friends, after they were separated decades ago, but now their sons bridged a divide in our family that was created by decisions not our own. It’s not often that a president’s most vocal critic comes from his own family, but I believe the inviolable oath I took to my patients demands that I oppose ObamaCare. ...

The unkeepable promises of ObamaCare are, as we say in medicine, too numerous to count, and are already collapsing. You can keep your current doctor and your current insurance. No tax increases. No rationing. Reduce the deficit. Four million new jobs created -- “400,000 almost immediately.” Public hearings. These are the pathetic peddlings of false hope.

The President made yet another empty promise: if there was a way to solve our health care problems with the free market, he said, he’d be happy to do so. I’m calling his obvious bluff. ...
Read entire article at Fox News
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