Author Topic: Libs like Dylan Ratigan finally reaping what they've sown  (Read 221 times)

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Libs like Dylan Ratigan finally reaping what they've sown
« on: November 09, 2013, 04:27:23 PM »

Libs Like Dylan Ratigan Finally Reaping What They’ve Sown
by Whoopie • 9 November, 2013 • Economy, Politics • 2 Comments

Dylan RatiganTalk about irony. A former MSNBC host who criticized Republicans for their opposition to the Affordable Care Act is now changing course after his own health insurance plan was cancelled.

Dylan Ratigan, former host of “The Dylan Ratigan Show,” took to Twitter to express his sarcastic thanks to President Barack Obama after finding out his plan had been cancelled because of Obamacare.

Read his sarcastic tweet:

Not only was his insurance policy cancelled, but his ObamaCare alternative will cost him nearly four time more.

Lately we’ve heard a number of wealthy Obama supporters grousing about the cost of a qualifying ObamaCare plan. A plan that, thanks to the law they supported, is now mandatory.

Once again I have to ask if these people didn’t think the law would affect them. That it was just for everyone else. That somehow, they’d be exempted.

They should be thankful. Obama has finally found a way for them to do their share and redistribute their wealth to the less fortunate.

Of course they always had the opportunity to voluntarily share their wealth, but for some reason they never got around to it.

Some claimed that it’s the government’s job to spread the wealth. They said the poor were poor because the rich didn’t pay their fair share.

Once again, they could’ve overpaid their taxes, if that’s what they really believed, but they never did.

So they pretended to support higher taxes, perhaps secure in the belief that it would never really happen or that if it did, they’d find ways to shelter their money.

Well Obama found a way to put their fine words into practice and what’s more he forced them to finally put their money where their mouth is. No offshore tax dodge or trust fund will protect them from ObamaCare.

Mr. Ratigan and his rich celebrity pals should take comfort in knowing that their mandatory contribution to the cause will make it possible for an ever increasing number of poor folks to get their healthcare for free or next to nothing.

The same goes for all those over educated young adults who were mesmerized by the young black man with his deep smooth voice talking about change and the glorious world of next Tuesday.

I wonder how they’ll ever pay off those student loans they rung up getting degrees in gender studies and critical race theory? Let’s see, at minimum wage and on top of ObamaCare it should only take about 85 years.

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