Author Topic: Mad Marxist Butcher Bill de Blasio Vows To Close NYC Crisis Pregnancy Centers  (Read 353 times)

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New York City mayor elect Bill de Blasio isn't wasting any time in executing his progressive radical agenda in the Big Apple. The unapologetic, radical Marxist, with ties to the communist Nicaraguan Sandinistas, the very same group who allied with the Palestinian Liberation Organization, de Blasio is outing himself as a proponent of Islamic jihad. In only his second day, he is also establishing his murderous intent to do away with pro-life centers, and to give abortionists all the space they need. Bill de Blasio intends to make NYC a leftist, progressive mecca.

New-York-Maryor-REUTOne would never accuse NYC of being conservative, but proud Marxist Bill de Blasio's mayoral election, by an outstanding margin, is one sign that the city is taking a dangerous and dark turn. NYC hasn't had a Democratic mayor in over 20 years, and de Blasio is more than a token Democrat. He's as progressive as they come. He's an Obama Democrat, a radical socialist with a pension for jihad. His first order of business is to align himself with Planned Parenthood.

New York City has been dubbed the "abortion capital of the world," and if Bill de Blasio has his way, he will continue the slaughter. He has already established that this is what he is going to do. Worse than that, he is going to force crisis pregnancy centers OUT to make room for more abortionists.


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sad......... very sad........   that he was the best NYC could do is even more disturbing.

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NYC hasn't had a Democratic mayor in over 20 years, and de Blasio is more than a token Democrat.

Technically speaking, yes, but for all practical purposes NYC has had a democratic - i.e., liberal/progressive - mayor for the past 12 years in the form of Michael "I wanna be emperor" Bloomberg.

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