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First time political candidate checklist – BEFORE announcing
« on: November 08, 2013, 11:45:34 AM »
Decided if you really want to run for office:

1)  Talk to your Family.  We mean REALLY talk.  A couple of reasons:

    Campaigns are stressful on the family.
    You are away.   You will be gone – fundraising, walking neighborhood, events.
    You can be attacked and your secrets will come out.  You need to make sure there is nothing you want to tell your spouse before you announce.
    Have school age children?  Your campaign will become a conversation piece for kids and their parents.

2)  Think about your employment situation -even if you are the boss/owner/ceo – A couple of reasons:

    Campaigns are stressful on the work environment.
    You are away.  Your lunches will be expanded in time so that you can travel across town to attend the X luncheon.  You may come in late so that you can attend the X breakfast.  You may leave early so that you can attend X meeting.
    Who will pick up your slack and more importantly will they resent it?
    If you win, and you have to attend day long meetings or if you goto Tallahassee and have to be gone for weeks or months – how will you get your “real” job done?
    The minute you announce you are a Republican that wants to end X program, and your best assistant OR YOUR BOSS has an Uncle dependent upon X program, you are going to hear about it.
    If you are not the boss, ask for permission.  I am amazed on how many people don’t tell their employer they are thinking about running.  You need to have a plan that addresses the points above, but you must have the discussion.

3)  Answer this question, if I win, then what?.....

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