Author Topic: Oprah Winfrey's father ordered to pay $70,000 to ex-wife after 'cheating on her with a prostitute named 'One Tooth' and threatening to shoot her'  (Read 468 times)

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A judge has sided with Oprah Winfrey's estranged stepmother in a bitter divorce battle, ruling her 79-year-old father's 'adultery and inappropriate marital conduct' were behind the couple's split.

The decision came just days after Barbara Winfrey, 66, reportedly dragged her billionaire daughter-in-law into the messy 18-month-long fight, alleging Oprah was trying to swindle her out of money.

Vernon Winfrey's initial June 2012 petition for divorce was rejected in a November 1 ruling and Barbara's separate bid to end their 12-year union was granted, with Oprah's dad ordered to pay his ex-wife nearly $70,000 in attorney fees.

Barbara claimed Vernon cheated on her for years with prostitutes including one named 'One Tooth' and threatened to shoot her. She also claimed a woman tried to blackmail him over a sordid sex tape.

I had to post this because of the prostitutes name.   :smokin:

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I had to post this because of the prostitutes name.   :smokin:

I haven't seen this in the media here and you got it from a British paper.  I wonder why that would be?  I'm just willing to bet if the father of Ted Cruz was seeing a hooker named "one tooth", it would be all over the world media. :nometalk:
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