Author Topic: Island of debris the size of TEXAS from 2011 Japanese tsunami is headed straight for the U.S.  (Read 671 times)

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Island of debris the size of TEXAS from 2011 Japanese tsunami is headed straight for the U.S.

    Part of the over one million tons of debris dispersed in the Pacific, the trash island is located northeast of the Hawaiian Islands
    The first documented tsunami debris to reach California arrived in April 2013
    Boats, a dock, a soccer ball, and motorcycle have all been identified on the West Coast as confirmed tsunami debris

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 22:41 EST, 4 November 2013 | UPDATED: 05:32 EST, 5 November 2013

A floating island of debris the size of Texas has been crossing the vast Pacific Ocean to the western shores of the Americas since a devastating tsunami inundated Japan in 2011, says a new study.

Five million tons of wreckage - the remains of homes, boats, and other remnants of shattered lives in eastern Japan - were swallowed by the ocean that day in March, and more than one million tons of flotsam continues to head towards the west coast of the US.

While the first documented debris from the tragedy has already been found in California, scientists fear these new findings mean there could be a lot more to come and it might arrive all at once.

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I will plant a flag and claim it in the name of Spain!
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My town has ten miles of Pacific shoreline--all flat and easy to get to. There will likely be plenty of fortune hunters going through whatever washes ashore.

Then it will be gathered up and put into landfills. Thousands of years from now, "scientists" will ponder why they are finding Japanese building materials, in Orange County hills?

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