Author Topic: Guess What Michelle Obama Reportedly Does When She Sees Something She Doesn’t Like on Her ‘Favorite’ MSNBC Show  (Read 394 times)

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How would you feel if you knew the president’s wife were watching your TV show, and when she saw something she didn’t like, fired off an email to one of the most powerful and most feared people in the government? According to a new book, that’s exactly what’s happening.

New Game Change book reveals what happens when Michelle Obama sees something she doesnt like on Morning Joe (hint: Valerie Jarrett)

The new book “Double Down: Game Change 2012,” which makes the claim that President Barack Obama considered dropping Vice President Joe Biden from the ticket during the 2012 campaign, also talks about first lady Michelle Obama’s monitoring of the media.

In a segment Friday on MSNBC “Morning Joe,” Politico’s Mike Allen reported that one of Michelle Obama’s favorite television programs is on the liberal news network.

“Mark Halperin and John Heilemann (both MSNBC contributors) reveal one of Mrs. Obama’s favorite television programs, something that she watches religiously while she’s working out. And while she’s doing it, she emails Valerie Jarrett when she doesn’t like what’s being said,” Allen said.

Of course, the hosts asked which show the first lady watches. Allen replied, “Morning Joe.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough immediately covered his face and apologized, saying, “Oh Mrs. Obama, I am so sorry.”

Mika Brzezinski began wagging a finger at her co-host and said he “really ought to take back everything you said this morning.”

The Joe and Mika conversation included a few more apologies and Scarborough’s realization, “I gotta be nice now,” followed by Brzezinski’s, “Yes you do, FLOTUS is watching.” There were also random mentions of “emails from Valerie” throughout the remainder of the show.

So who exactly is Valerie Jarrett? She’s a senior adviser to the president and the woman whom Congressman Jason Chaffetz once said has her “tentacles” in virtually everything in the White House. Jarrett is also the person National Review referred to as the Obama adviser who is “never challenged.”

Video and pictures at link:
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Leaked transcript. %%%-> &$%%%
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I will correct them in your name. InshaAllah
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