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Hang the dissidents! When patriotism becomes treason
« on: October 31, 2013, 06:58:54 AM »
Hang the Dissidents! 
 When patriotism becomes treason 

By Kevin D. Williamson

Maury Grimm is the perfect model of a modern online activist, and a great signer of petitions — for the Weekend Voting Act, against fracking, for the Equal Rights Amendment, for tighter fuel-economy standards, against trans fats in Colorado school lunches, for stronger EPA rules directed at preventing climate change. She is also the originator of at least one petition: to have members of Congress who vote in ways that displease her rounded up and put into prison — or, presumably, in front of a firing squad — on charges of treason.

Ms. Grimm’s petition was created through, the Democratic group originally founded to oppose the impeachment of Bill Clinton and funded by such familiar Democratic moneymen as Peter B. Lewis, of Progressive Insurance Companies, and George Soros. ( disclaims any responsibility for the petitions created through its website.) Ms. Grimm, who writes in the shift-key-happy style of Internet political discourse, demands an investigation for capital-T Treason of Republican members of the House for thwarting the (cap, cap) “Will of the American People.” Some 1,555 people signed the entreaty within a matter of days, and a few offered suggestions for broadening its scope: Adrianne Daily of Castle Rock, Colo., suggested that Charles and David Koch be added to the list of indictable traitors; Holly Zell of Fairfax, Va., offered a cheery “Lock ’em up and throw away the key,” noting that the shutdown had cost her three weeks’ pay; Joseph Hine of Gloversville, N.Y., averred that conservatives should be charged with “sedition and treason” for “plotting against the U.S. government and the people”; Sharon Douglas of Belleville, Mich., added: “Treason, Sabotage, or Sedition — pick one or use all three. This can’t continue or be tolerated.” Taking a more eliminationist view, Cathy and Gary Elmore of Deer Park, Wash., declared: “We need to get rid of the anti-Americans.” Christine Mays of Stockton, Calif., showing exquisite moral clarity, declared that the shutdown was “just as much a terrorist act as 9/11 was. And justice must be served on these criminals!”
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