Author Topic: Scarborough: Obama a 'deliberate,' flagrant' liar  (Read 426 times)

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Scarborough: Obama a 'deliberate,' flagrant' liar
« on: October 30, 2013, 06:24:50 AM »

How interesting!  The president was lying and the press knew it.  When Scarborough gets pressed about why the media failed to report it, the president is suddenly 'misleading' everyone which implies the media was being misled so they couldn't report it.  Then he goes on to say the administration doesn't even have a spin for it and, being the "good journalist he is", fails to ask the question why.  Here's why.  The administration and democrats have been so emboldened by the timidity and totally biased support of the media, they don't even have to try and spin it knowing the media will cover for them.

Scarborough: Obama a ‘deliberate,’ ‘flagrant’ liar

Posted By Jeff Poor On 10:57 PM 10/29/2013 In | No Comments

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough hammered President Barack Obama for what he called lies during the sales job for his 2010 health care law.

Scarborough was asked by Hewitt if he had any idea how many people would ultimately lose their health care coverage because of that law. Scarborough replied by saying many more Americans would be impacted by that law than what then-President George W. Bush had said in his 2003 state of the union speech regarding Iraq trying to procure yellow cake uranium from Niger.

“I’m trying to figure it out right now,” Scarborough said. “Somebody thought 10 million, 11 million. This morning we were talking about it and you know, you had administration officials coming on saying it wasn’t a big deal, but it’s a huge deal. I mean the president — especially and I talked a lot this morning about it — I asked Mike Barnicle this morning, ‘How many people actually sift through the words of a state of the union address and allows the president of the United States to say something Lisa Myers found out last night, several members of his administration knew about and the president knew about?’”

“I mean for the president to deliberately mislead millions and millions of Americans in a state of the union address certainly seems to me to have as much impact or more impact on the day-in, day-out lives of millions and millions of Americans than the 16 words George Bush is crucified for saying in the 2003 state of the union address.”

Hewitt pointed how some left-leaning pundits have openly admitted Obama lied, to which Scarborough said they didn’t have much of a choice.

“What else can you do?” Scarborough replied. “You know, I asked everyone this morning — a lot of White House reporters this morning, what’s the White House’s spin? I asked Chuck Todd, what’s the White House’s spin? He said they don’t have one. It is such a deliberate — it was such a flagrant lie when you’re telling people they can keep their insurance policies if they want to. Now I had a lot of people, a lot of conservatives last night, tweeting, interrupting my Red Sox game, tweeting saying ‘why didn’t you guys report about this a couple of years ago?’”

“Well, I think we all knew this was the case, that the president and the administration was misleading the American people,” Scarborough continued. “What was new with Lisa Myers’ revelation was last night was it had three or four people that were actually working with the president who said the president knew at the time and let them know at the time that what he was saying was not the truth.”

Hewitt went on to ask if he thought Obama knew at the time he wasn’t telling the truth about Obamacare.

“Of course,” Scarborough replied. “How could he not?”

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Re: Scarborough: Obama a 'deliberate,' flagrant' liar
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 09:45:50 AM »
Does Joe Scarborough have a low IQ?

How is it that he's just figuring out that Obama is a liar??

And doesn't he realize that the questions he's asking now reveal that he's not even close to being a "journalist," but rather a half-wit lackey??
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Re: Scarborough: Obama a 'deliberate,' flagrant' liar
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2013, 10:09:15 AM »
Hewitt went on to ask if he thought Obama knew at the time he wasn’t telling the truth about Obamacare.

“Of course,” Scarborough replied. “How could he not?”

How much caffeine does it take to wake up a 'Mornin Joe'?

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