Author Topic: ‘He just got owned!’ Brit Hume smacks Juan Williams’ absurd Obamacare spin  (Read 525 times)

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‘He just got owned!’ Brit Hume smacks Juan Williams’ absurd Obamacare spin
Posted at 12:33 pm on October 27, 2013 by Twitchy Staff

Heh. Juan Williams appeared on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday morning.

Since it was a day ending in “y,” out came the lies.

No worries! The always awesome Brit Hume was there to provide a Teachable Moment (TM).

Hume also offered the lesson via Twitter:

The article reports on the devastating sticker shock and plan cancellations that are hitting Californians upon the Obamacare roll-out. But, hey, according to Juan Williams that is no biggie. In fact, he is blowing off the “you can keep your plan” lie (and called the outrage over cancellation notices “empty rhetoric”) with the absurd assertion that y’all can just get better plans. He is Smarter Than You, you see. Juan knows best!

Hume wasn’t having any of it.

More via Mediaite:

The president promised explicitly—we heard it on this program—if you like the coverage you have now you can keep it, period,” Hume said. “These hundreds of thousands of people evidently like the policies they had, because they kept paying for them. They’re now being told they can’t have those polices anymore. They must have policies that involve coverage for things they may feel they don’t need.”

“They’re going to get better coverage, at potentially lower cost,” Williams said.

“Whose idea of better coverage, their idea or the government’s?” Hume said. “They’re going to offer a government-mandated deal, that may or may not be a better deal for the people involved. They’re elderly people being required to pay for maternity coverage.”


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Well said Brit! Well said indeed!

I love it when they decide to slap that clown Juan Williams around!

Brit is spot on most of the time but when he said that Federal government spending had been reduced under the sequester the other day I lost it! It hasn't!
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