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by Tim Brown   

Yesterday, I wrote and provided video evidence that the apparent fainting of Karmel Allison was staged. While it is true that Mrs. Allison is a diabetic, the fainting spell does raise a lot of questions, especially in light of the fact that she was there to support Barack Obama’s healthcare push. What’s also interesting, is who her husband is and how that fits the equation.

First,, let’s set the stage. Mrs. Allison contributes to the site, which focuses on women’s health, specifically diabetes.

In a recent article, posted on October 7, 2013, Allison writes about “what Obamacare feels like to a diabetic”:

...She went on to write that she was not asked about pre-existing conditions. Apparently she had such a “liberating” experience that she got “chills” just thinking of the feeling that though she was completely happy with her current provider, she had other options. That just sounds ridiculous.

Noticeably missing from Mrs. Allison’s article is the cost to her for the Affordable Care Act, and it’s clear that Mrs. Allison did not choose to go with any of the options that “liberated” her. In other words, she is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the train wreck that is Obamacare. This is where her husband David comes in. The information below comes from his account.

David Allison is a graduate of the University of California, Berkley. He is a software platform architect with management, design, and development experience in multiple languages, technology platforms, design paradigms, and team sizes. Allison is also a member of the San Diego Software Industry Council Analytics Committee, and has mentored at numerous Startup Weekend Events.

In addition, he is the chief technology officer and co-founder of, the founder and chief technology officer at, and the President of Arcaio Inc. Nulu actually teaches Spanish to English and some have speculated that Nulu has been involved in the Spanish version of, though I have been unable to find any credible information that would substantiate that claim.

Allison tweeted out his thanks to Obama for catching his wife (which Obama didn’t do):

David Allison  @david_allison   

I can assure you all that @karmel_a isn't a plant, just a diabetes researcher with a keen interest in and admiration for the ACA :)

2:11 PM - 21 Oct 2013

Right, admiring it so much that after being liberated at all her choices, she decided to keep her plan. Then, he threw in the concerned husband tweet:

Aaron Prill  @aaronprill 

@david_allison @karmel_a Glad she is ok. My wife is 20 wks pregnant so cant imagine how u felt watching. My palms got sweaty watching...

 David Allison  @david_allison   

@aaronprill @karmel_a I almost bolted to the stage but thought twice about how that would look to the Secret Service. So glad she's ok.

Now look, I recognize there would have been issues with secret service and such, but come on people. Are you telling me they vet Mrs. Allison, but not Mr. Allison? Are you telling me that he would not have been allowed to go and check on his wife? Seriously? I would have to call that into question.

However, the point is that taking into account Mr. Allison’s entrepreneurial spirit and the companies he currently has, one would consider that he does very well for himself. I’ve owned several small businesses. That doesn’t necessarily make you rich, but it does make you independent, and for that Mr. Allison should be congratulated.

The concern I have is that apparently Mr. and Mrs. Allison do very well for themselves and live in San Diego (not the least expensive place to live in California). They have a great insurance plan, which she is covered with and is happy with. So why the push to use her, in more ways than one, to promote Obamacare? Mrs. Allison doesn’t have a complaint about her current plan; her husband can afford it and after seeing her options with Obamacare, of which she never stated a cost, she is sticking with Kaiser. This is telling, because if her husband makes around $500,000, then she would not be willing to let you know just how much that “liberating” feeling of going with Obamacare would cost her family over her current provider, would she? I think not. I can tell you what it will cost you though. Check out some of these reports here, here, and of course if you don’t purchase the Obamacare option and don’t want the scam of insurance then you can expect a hefty tax for not buying it, and the majority of those people will make less than $120,000.

Before someone attacks me over this, I think it right and proper to vet anyone’s motives in promoting Obamacare, especially when they cause a scene such as Mrs. Allison did. In light of the fact she has health insurance and is covered nicely, yet didn’t immediately jump onboard with Obamacare should raise red flags with anyone who buys her story.

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