Author Topic: Pohlice caught trying to hide race of child murderer  (Read 448 times)

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Pohlice caught trying to hide race of child murderer
« on: October 26, 2013, 07:13:47 AM »

Police Caught Trying To Hide Race Of Child Murderer
by Whoopie • 25 October, 2013 • Crime, Culture • 0 Comments

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Philip ChismYou may recall this story of a 14 yr. old student (Philip Chism) who murdered his math teacher (Colleen Ritzer) with a box cutter.

One of our readers (Hat tip: Nash Montana) posted a link in the comments to a pic of the arrest complaint.

The cop listed the kid’s race as ‘white’ with ‘dark complexion’.

Seriously? Look at him. He’s black, albeit light skinned. If you gave his skull to a forensic anthropologist and had him reconstruct the face based on the bone structure, he’d use the standard model for an African male.

So what’s going on here?

It’s no secret that the police and media often try to hide the racial component of crimes for the sake of political correctness.

I think the cops got caught red handed trying to sanitize the race of this perpetrator.

If you look at the upper right corner of the arrest complaint you’ll see it’s for Juvenile Court. As you may know, the media isn’t allowed to post the photo of juvenile offenders.

Had the kid remained classified as such, nobody outside the town where the crime was committed would ever know the truth.

But the District Attorney decided that the crime was so heinous that this kid should be tried as an adult. That means the media was now free to publish the kid’s picture and in so doing, exposed the police department’s shabby attempt to pass this murderer off as some white kid.

A few weeks back a white teen girl in PA was walking home from a sporting event when she was set upon by 9 teenaged boys. She was severely beaten and was thrown into the street in front of an on coming car. Fortunately the driver was able to swerve and miss her.

The police made some arrests but refused to release the names the suspects or identify their race because they were juveniles.

One journalist was able to ascertain that the boys all lived in a neighborhood where the population is 60% black. The girl lives in a neighborhood where whites comprise 71% of the population.

Let’s be honest, white boys don’t roam in gangs beating up white girls or any girls for that matter. Just like they don’t stalk and butcher their teacher with a razor, then use the victim’s credit card to watch a movie and buy fast food. Sometimes you can tell the race of the perpetrator simply by the character of the crime committed.

Ignoring or hiding the issue of black on white crime as we’ve been doing for decades doesn’t make it go away. Quite the opposite, it’s only gotten worse, particularly since Obama has become President, as if a certain segment of society has taken that as license to rampage.

In case you’ve forgotten, one of the reasons so many whites voted for Obama was the belief that it would prove once and for all that America had moved on and put racism behind us.

Well, one side did anyway. The other side still thinks they’re entitled to get even.

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