Author Topic: No Evidence Koch Brothers Were Involved in California Campaign Finance Violations False Accusations by Obama FEC Appointee Exposed  (Read 658 times)

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On the one hand - absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I know little about the Koch brothers, and the little I know seems positive, but there is always a lingering suspicion when billionaires start financing candidates. We feel that way about Soros (with an extra flip of bitterness from me - I got shafted in '87) and should rightly do so at anyone who seems to be buying influence.

On the other hand - It smells like a fishing expedition. One using years old bait. Sling the mud and hope something sticks in the public perception.

On the gripping hand - it is California. Money will be extorted in any way possible.
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2 excellent articles Rapunzel.  Thanx for posting them.
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