Author Topic: CNN trades government shutdown clock for Obamacare sign-up clock  (Read 487 times)

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CNN trades government shutdown clock for Obamacare sign-up clock
Posted at 6:03 pm on October 24, 2013 by Twitchy Staff

Anthony De Rosa        ✔ @AntDeRosa

CNN, the Countdown News Network
2:29 PM - 24 Oct 2013

CNN loves a clock, whether it’s ticking away the minutes until the government shutdown, the hours the government has been shut down, or even the minutes until an asteroid flies by. Demonstrating the Obamacare sign-up process live on-air isn’t a new idea; MSNBC tried it the first day the exchanges were open, only for the reporter to give up in frustration.

Sean Hannity and others have tried similar experiments, and now, on Day 24, CNN has three “healthy young people” in “The Situation Room” struggling to sign up. It’s not a scientific experiment, but with the clock now passing a full hour with no luck for any of the three, it’s not exactly compelling television either.

Johannes Schmitt-T. @schmitt_tegge

CNN is actually showing live coverage of three people who want to sign up for #Obamacare, including a sign-up clock. Just setbacks so far.
2:40 PM - 24 Oct 2013

Sean Holihan @SeanHolihan

Someone pitched the idea of having three people sit on laptops and try to sign up to Obamacare live on CNN. Awesome.
2:48 PM - 24 Oct 2013 from Alexandria, VA, United States

Jamie Guirola @cbs4jamie

CNN found a new reason to put up a clock! "Obamacare sign up LIVE" is a great idea!
2:36 PM - 24 Oct 2013 from Miami Beach, FL, United States

PolitiDiva @leahh123

What is happening right now on CNN? Did they get bored because they took down the Debt Ceiling clock? SMH @CNN
2:41 PM - 24 Oct 2013

Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman

Tom Foreman has his own deck now with CNN staffers failing repeatedly to sign up for ACA. They have a clock counting up.
2:34 PM - 24 Oct 2013

Tim Cameron @TimCameron

Between the countdowns to shutdown/debt ceiling & the timed Obamacare sign-up, I think the "C" in @CNN now stands for "clock"
2:33 PM - 24 Oct 2013

dave_latham @dave_latham

You guys, @CNN has a live clock timing how long it takes to sign up at . This is real reporting!
2:20 PM - 24 Oct 2013

Weston Jenks @Wasweston

@wolfblitzer you should be ashamed of the CNN sign up clock. It's not news. It's Stupid!
2:38 PM - 24 Oct 2013

It is stupid … that the White House couldn’t build a working website with more than three years’ notice.

Jennifer Scoggins @JenScogginsCNN

What do you think will happen to the three guests trying to sign-up for #obamacare during @CNNSitRoom?
2:12 PM - 24 Oct 2013

Zachary Hanover @zhanover

@JenScogginsCNN @CNNSitRoom @SamFeistCNN They'll be sitting there for alot longer than your broadcast... hope they get pizza later.
2:30 PM - 24 Oct 2013

 HuffPost Media        ✔ @HuffPostMedia
2:35 PM - 24 Oct 2013
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Breaking news: is broken. Where’s @HealthCareTara to clear up this obvious lie?

Justin Johnson @justinjdc

CNN has some exciting television right now. Three folks trying to sign up for #obamacare live. 45 mins so far, and no dice.
2:46 PM - 24 Oct 2013

johnny dollar @johnnydollar01

"There are no glitches!"-Ed Schultz RT @dorseyshaw: CNN can't convince health care sign up guinea pigs to quit trying
2:47 PM - 24 Oct 2013

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