Author Topic: Healthcare CEOs Allowed to Air Their Grievances to Valerie Jarrett  (Read 440 times)

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Healthcare insurance executives were received at the White House today — but not to confront President Obama about the flub-ridden exchange launched on Oct. 1.

Instead, the CEOs of Aetna, Humana, CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Health Net, Inc., Health Care Services Corporation, Independence Blue Cross, America’s Health Insurance Plans, Molina Healthcare, Centene Corp., Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Wellpoint and Kaiser Permanente got to meet with Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Meanwhile, on the Hill, Pelosi brushed off the tech implosion as something they just have to be able to fix because she doesn’t want to consider extending the individual mandate deadline.
Pelosi grew increasingly frustrated when reporters kept hammering her with Obamacare questions, as she’d called the presser to lay out Democrats’ plans for a budget agreement before Thanksgiving.

“There certainly is accountability internally in terms of what decisions were made when and all of this, but I think that our focus and energy should be used to fix it because the American people are depending on it, and it’s going to be a beautiful thing in their lives to have that freedom of — I keep talking about life — a healthier life, liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness, not chained to a policy but — but able to follow their passion,” she said. “

Valerie Jarrett met with the CEO's?  Obama sent out his "Mommie" to talk with them?
Such a coward! 
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Re: Healthcare CEOs Allowed to Air Their Grievances to Valerie Jarrett
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Does anyone, any longer expect Obama to ever voluntarily place himself in a position where he might have to accept personal responsibility for anything that goes wrong?

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Re: Healthcare CEOs Allowed to Air Their Grievances to Valerie Jarrett
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I love the graciously regal tone of the headline.

"Allows" indeed!
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