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Howie Carr: Boston gala another Obamacare flop
« on: October 23, 2013, 11:56:27 AM »
Carr: Boston gala another Obamacare flop

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Howie Carr

Kathleen Sebelius is just too darned busy to testify in front of Congress this week about the disaster that is Obamacare, but she is going to be in Boston tonight.

And no, not at Fenway Park.

She’ll be at a “gala” at the JFK Library in Dorchester, along with an assortment of Beautiful People, including Vice President Joe Biden, Chelsea Clinton and Patches Kennedy.

And the master of ceremonies: Comrade Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host who gets a tingle up his leg whenever he hears Obama speak, and who just this week told two of the guests on his rotten cable-TV show to “be positive” about Obamacare.

It must be great to be a Beautiful Person — demolish the U.S. health care system and then blow off Congress for a week while you jet off to swill the Obama Kool-Aid with your fellow swells. And by the way, you’re not supposed to call it “Obamacare” anymore. That’s a “dog whistle,” as Comrade Chris would say, a racist code word. Like “Chicago” and “Barry” — two earlier dog whistles.

Is it too late to blame this on George Bush?

It can’t be the president’s fault. He went to Harvard, so he must be very, very smart, right? If Bush didn’t wreck this wonderful new Obamacare — I mean, Affordable Care Act — then it must have been BP. Or maybe it was Dick Cheney cruising high above D.C. in the Halliburton Hurricane Machine, with Karl Rove as his co-pilot, beaming death rays onto

Let’s face it, even if the website were running as smoothly as Amazon, Obamacare would still be a disaster. And that’s because the only people who wanted it are the Obama voters who thought it was, like everything else in their lives, free.

You think they have any idea what a “co-pay” is? Or a “deductible?” Do you think they care?

It was named Obamacare. They figured it had to be another giveaway, like their Obamaphones.

This is why I never understood the whole purpose of Obamacare. His voters already have free health care. What exactly was the point of ruining everybody else’s medical system (except for Congress’, of course, the people who actually voted for it)?

And don’t tell me they didn’t know this whole takeover was going to be a bureaucratic nightmare. I remember reading a quote last March from a guy named Henry Chao, chief information officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

“I’m pretty nervous – I don’t know about you. Let’s just make sure it’s not a Third World experience.”

At the time, some people apparently thought he was kidding. Obviously, he wasn’t.

How bad is Obamacare? The New York Times yesterday called it “horrendously botched,” and said that “the buck stops here” with Obama.

Saying the buck stops with Barack? Talk about a dog whistle. Just ask Comrade Chris tonight, if you can drag him away from the champagne.

It’s all Ted Cruz’ fault.

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