Author Topic: Report: State Exchange Enrollments Mostly Medicaid, Not Private Insurance Plans  (Read 881 times)

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How did the most transparent administration in history ever allow information like this to get out?

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In other words, a bunch of leeches signed up.
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In other words, a bunch of leeches signed up.

This also means these were people already eligible for medicaid and likely too dense to know to sign up for medicaid before now... BTW being in medicaid is no cakewalk, they do create more government jobs because the people on medicaid have social workers assigned to them...

Also... good luck finding a doctor.... very few doctors take medicaid patients these days because they are a money loser.

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A similar story has happened in New York, where 23,717 signed up for Medicaid and 13,313 signed up for all of the other private insurers combined. Keep in mind, New York's Medicaid is the Cadillac of Medicaid programs, with some of the most generous benefits available. Already the counties are straining at the expense of funding it (the state and counties split the difference 50/50 even though the counties never had a hand in approving it). This Obamacare program is going to have a rough impact on taxes if this continues.
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And I think the Obama administration is bragging that these people "signed up for Obamacare" as part of their success story ..........right??
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