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From the comments:

Robby 8 hours ago


A couple of important parts of this story that the writer didn't mention are that -
1) By the end of the 1st quarter, Aledo had taken out ALL of their starters.
 2) By the 3rd quarter, Aledo was playing their THIRD string guys.
 3) In the 3rd quarter, they agreed to a running clock system.
 4) The officials could have called the game early.

 What else could Aledo have done? I like the fact that they're a team who plays under good sportsmanship and doesn't trash talk at all. They should be commended for this, rather than accused of bullying.

The coach did what he could to help the other team score without having to just stand there. It was a humiliating defeat, and perhaps the losing coach might use the same tactics...discipline!

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One whiner is as usual is ruining it for everyone.
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