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Powerful Grassroots Tool- Influence Explorer
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:55:59 PM »
I've recently discovered a powerful new tool to see who your elected representatives really answer to. It is called Influence Explorer.  It pulls data from FEC filings to show both who contributes to them as well as who they in turn, give government kickbacks to.

A couple of examples. One positive one, my Congressman, Louie Gohmert:

Most of his donations come from people who are retired or medical industry. His earmarks go to engineering and defense projects. Although I don't approve of earmarks in principle, at least his aren't going to junk nor are they kicking back to an industry that donates to him. Almost all donations are in State and from local businesses.

Negative example, Harry Reid:

A vast majority of his fundraising comes from out of state, from lawyers or law firms (which often could indicate someone else is trying to hide their donation by going through a lawyer). He is also getting a lot from Casinos which isn't a surprise. His earmarks are all over the place including staggering amounts to programs to promote education (not educational facilities itself but third party organizations that just 'promote'). He also kicks back massive amounts to the Casinos who donate to him. For example, $12Million to Tropicana and Flamingo.

Check out your Congressmen, post the results, and spread this around.

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