Author Topic: Hannity Dials Obamacare Call Center, Operator Says No One Likes It So Far  (Read 365 times)

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At the top of his radio program today, Sean Hannity called in to an Obamacare call center. Hannity was able to get through to an operator after only several moments of waiting. He spoke to the operator for nearly 10 minutes about Obamacare, what her thoughts of it are and what kind of response she has received so far. The operator was very friendly and had no problem answering all of Hannity's questions.

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The insurance laws are pretty strict. That is why an account must already be made before calling them. What I am wondering is how the call center can help a person fill out an application in all the states I have held a license if you aren't an agent you can't do that. I wonder how close they are to obeying insurance laws which carry a 25,000 and 50,000 thousand dollar penalty for not being followed. Only an agent can explain a policy or help fill out an app in most of the 50 states and you can't deal with people from the states that have these laws if in a call center that takes calls from all over unless you have a license. Maybe Obama has done away with those laws too. This is just a plain nightmare he has pushed through. I had to apply and get licenses in all the states that I talked to if I wanted to sell insurance in states other than the one I lived in I didn't thankfully have to retake the test which are set up to make you fail they are worse than the S.A.T.'s but I had to apply to that state and be accepted you just can't talk to people about insurance unless licensed.

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