Author Topic: ‘Asinine’: David Axelrod’s Strange ‘Spin’ for Obamacare Savaged on Twitter  (Read 380 times)

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‘Asinine’: David Axelrod’s Strange ‘Spin’ for Obamacare Savaged on Twitter
Oct. 20, 2013 4:57pm Dave Urbanski

David Axelrod may not officially work for President Obama anymore, but you wouldn’t know it by the former White House adviser’s Twitter statement Sunday defending Obamacare by spinning its failed online rollout:

Twitter users didn’t take long to excoriate Axelrod’s eye-opening apologetic:

And this responder couldn’t help noticing the first three words of Axelrod’s tweet, which reminded him of a certain pop star of the past and her number-one hit:

(And here’s that Alanis ditty you know you want to hear right about now, even if you don’t typically pine for the mid-90s charts. Never let it be said we don’t aim to please ’round here):

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Axelrod is in it for the money. If he was offered enough money, he would be the far right's most vociferous speaker.

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