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White House petitions demand GOP arrested for treason, called terrorist group

September 30, 2013

A petition posted Sunday at the White House "We the People" website demands House Republicans be arrested for treason for a variety of reasons, including "undermining the post office." Another petition demands the GOP be labeled a terrorist organization over the debt ceiling.

"House Republicans have violated the Constitution numerous times," one petition says, without providing specifics. "They once violated our full faith and credit clause and threaten to do so again. They seek to undermine the post office, which is a constitutional requirement. They refuse the authority of the US Supreme Court and threaten to shut down the government. They are traitors and should be removed from office and prosecuted as such."

"Designate the Republican party a terrorist organization, since repeatedly threatening to default on the full faith and credit of the United States over and over again every time you don't get what you want is essentially economic terrorism," says the other petition.

Both petitions include rhetoric that has been used by Obama and Reid in their attacks against Republicans. According to the two top Democrats, Republicans are "extremists" for disagreeing with the president and voting to defund Obamacare. Majority Leader Reid has accused the GOP of extortion for refusing to cave to his demands.

Neither petition is very popular as of this writing. The petition demanding House Republicans be arrested only has 278 signatures as of this writing, while the other petition has 395 signatures.

On Saturday, House Republicans voted for a measure that delays the implementation of Obamacare for a full year while funding the rest of the government, despite Harry Reid's demand to fund the massive health care law.

Chances of a government shutdown if something isn't passed by midnight Monday was set at 99.9 percent by ABC's Jonathan Karl.

“Positions have hardened. Time is running out,” he said. “I would now put the chances of a government shutdown at 99.9 percent.”

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