Author Topic: End of immunity for 1 Para: Bloody Sunday troops face murder arrests 41 years after massacre  (Read 525 times)

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What BS.  The Irish were not the benevolent victims they've been made out to be.  They killed plenty of innocent people during their terrorism campaign.

When tensions are running extremely high, all it takes is one round being fired, a rock hitting someone, or even a car backfiring to make everyone jump.  Once someone opens fire, everyone will follow suit.
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Truth and Reconciliation worked in South Africa, and is being attempted for Northern Ireland, too.
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While they are at it they should arrest that simpleton Bono for writing that piece of shi*t song about it.
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I remember it. Well. One of the biggest sources of shame 1 Para ever had.

They got scared. Were jumpy as hell. Someone got trigger happy and bang - massive incident.

Should they be prosecuted? No. The CO should be, except he is now dead. The CO is responsible for his unit. That is something that every officer is taught pretty much first thing. Your squad bleep up, your ass is in the sling, to use a saying of an old friend of mine.
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