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Public Service Announcement
« on: October 20, 2013, 09:23:58 AM »
Public Announcement

Maximus Global Software Engineers, LLC



In the interest of the Nation, I have assembled an IT Group to rescue Barry from his national embarrassment we call ObamaCare.  It took a lot of thought and prayer to guide me to the decision to help him out given his hatred for America and ours for him.  But we need to go forward and do the right things for the millions of illegals that will be arriving next year and other people who can’t work for the man and have grievous health issues as well as no money despite not working.  So I would like to announce the team of 3 people I have assembled to fix the ObamaCare website so that all those uninsured people from around the world can get free healthcare courtesy of the American people that still have a job.


Additionally, we will be hiring some other part time people to fill in the gaps of our 3 programmers so that they can get the website up and running in less than 2 months, but we will not be providing health benefits to them because they are part time workers and ObamaCare says we can’t give them any so that’s the only bad news.


We have provided our bid to do this extremely important work and expect, under the circumstances, that it will be accepted soon and we expect to begin work around Christmas which I think is appropriate. 


So far, the government has spent over $600 million dollars for the failed website development and based on my project analysis, they got ripped off big time.  We have decided to discount our usual rates, as patriotic citizens, and have submitted our bid for only $75 million.  That’s a very good deal for 6 man months of superior technical talent plus the 1,900 clerical and security workers we will need to keep things rolling along nicely.


So without further adieu:  I’d like to introduce our IT Team.

Mr. Morham Al-Facade

Ms. Kashanda Kneade Freeby

Mr. Wee Ah Redy


Sorry, for security reasons, we cannot release their actual photographs at this time.



Dr. Albertine Gore-Bychov
President, CEO, CFO, CTO, Maximus Global Software Engineers, LLC

Author unknown
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