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Just another racial hoax
« on: October 20, 2013, 06:28:06 AM »

Just Another Racial Hoax
by Whoopie • 19 October, 2013 • Crime, Food • 1 Comment

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Red Lobster recieptYa know, if you looked back on the last 100 incidents where some black person claims they were the victim of racism, over 90 of them turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the victim themselves.

Often the hoaxer claims the best of intentions, for example to ‘raise awareness’ about (non-existent) racism in our society.

The truth is, until Obama came along race relations in America had been steadily improving much to the chagrin of the Left who thrive on social divisiveness and need oppressed victims to champion.

As we know all too well, when the evidence doesn’t support their cause, the Left simply manufactures evidence that does.

Case in point: Back in Sept. a waitress at Red Lobster posted this receipt online claiming that some evil, hateful, racist customer stiffed her on a tip.

Refresh your memory:

Well now it turns out the customer (Richard Duggar) who has been receiving death threats has come forward and submitted a handwriting sample which an expert says does not match the word scribbled under the word “none.”

To start with, it was a takeout order which is why the customer wrote the word “none” on the line for the amount of the tip. The writing does match his sample. But whoever wrote the word under it wasn’t Richard Duggar.

So what about the “victim” waitress Toni Jenkins, what’s her story?

Toni Jenkins, the waitress who served Barnes and his wife on the night the receipt was left, recently did an interview with Nashville news station WSMV. Jenkins says she posted a picture of the receipt not to draw attention to herself, but to make a statement about racism. Jenkins found widespread support online as her story circulated around the country, and a crowd-funding site raised $10,000 in “tips” for her.

Read the whole story and compare the handwriting samples for yourself. By the way, this Toni Jenkins person has yet to submit a handwriting sample of her own. So we can’t rule out that she may have been the one who wrote that word.

And if it turns out she did manufacture the hoax “to make a statement about racism” does she owe all those gullible dupes who sent her money a refund along with an apology to the man she maligned?

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