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Barack the broken record
« on: October 19, 2013, 06:35:44 AM »

Barack the Broken Record
by Toda • 18 October, 2013 • Politics • 2 Comments


Remember the words to that old Peter, Paul and Mary song “Barack the Broken Record”…..lived in DC he promised all that Hope and Change but he lied to you and me – Oh…”  Yes it brings back fond memories of a warmer gentler time – BEFORE THE ATTEMPTED TRANSFORMATION OF THE UNITED STATES began when Barack Hussein Obama began his Reign.   His candidacy as well as his presidency has been a broken record – a monotonous mantra of tired, worn out Communist style platitudes which play out every time he either runs for office or attempts to implement his Liberal Vision for America.   It’s the age old Commie spiel that has been uttered by countless of denizens of the Liberal Socialist Left.  It always sound the same.

Get yourselves ready for another repeat of the same old stuff:  Pay their fair share, Millionaires and Billionaires, Middle Class, Fair Playing Field, Pay a little bit more, They can afford it, Invest in America, Invest in our future, Invest in Education, Invest in our infrastructure, Invest in roads and bridges, Tax, Spend, Tax, Spend, Tax, Spend, Class Warfare, Tax, Spend, Tax Spend.  Every time there is a new Budget negeotiation these tired, worn out themes resurface – prepare yourself.  Some things never change.  He’s started already since the “crisis” ended.  It will only intensify.  “A leopard cannot change it’s spots”.
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