Author Topic: Col. Allen West Discusses Obama’s Dangerous Power Grab  (Read 379 times)

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Col. Allen West Discusses Obama’s Dangerous Power Grab
« on: October 18, 2013, 07:19:32 PM »

Col. Allen West Discusses Obama’s Dangerous Power Grab

Posted 10.18.13 by Greg Campbell, TPNN Political Analyst

Known for his candid speech, Col. West spoke about the presidential power grab by President Obama who seeks the authority to trade with other nations, a responsibility clearly appointed to Congress.

    “What the president is trying to do is usurp the authority on Congress where, you know, the Commerce Clause says that the Congress is responsible for commerce, for trade between the U.S. and other nations; well, he’s trying to usurp that authority with what is called ‘fast track’ so that he can be the one stop, end-all for trade agreements and once that happens, there’s not too much Congress can come back to do.

    Really, this is a long line of usurpations that we’ve seen from the president. When you think about what is happening with the Affordable Care Act, you know, we live in a Republic and once a law is passed, it’s supposed to be executed by the president. It’s not supposed to be amended, you’re not supposed to be granting waivers and exemptions. It’s just the same we see with the backdoor activities through which they’re trying to go with the United Nations- the gun control issue, the Arms Trade Treaty is a case in point. So we have to be very concerned because now we’re talking about a president, an executive branch, that can pick the winners and the losers based upon his cronies and his associates.”

Click below to hear the entire interview:

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